Kawasaki Frontale PES Kits 2018

Kawasaki Frontale 2018 pes kits
Kawasaki Frontale PES kits season 2018

size: 2048x2048
type: PNG alpha
platform: PC/PS
game: pes 2019, pes 2018, pes 2017, pes 2016, pes 2015, pes 2014

Available kits:
goalkeeper (league-ACL)
home (league-ACL)
away (league-ACL)
third (league-ACL)

About the team:
PES ID: 163
Founded: 1955 / 1997
Website: www.frontale.co.jp
Address: 1331-1 Suenaga, Takatsu-ku, 213-0013, Kawasaki
Country: Japan
Phone: +81 (44) 829 3011
Stadium: Kawasaki Todoroki Stadium (Kawasaki)
Capacity: 27495

Team History:
The team was founded in 1955 as Fujitsu Football Club. It was one of many city clubs that comprised the Japan Soccer League, including Yomiuri (later Tokyo Verdy 1969), Toshiba and NKK SC. They first made the JSL First Division in 1977, only to be relegated the next season afterwards and would not return to the top flight until 2000, when they were first promoted to the re-branded J1.

Fujitsu's club became professional in 1997, and changed its name "Frontale" means "frontal" in Italian. The club old crest and colors are based on those of Brazilian side Grêmio, because both clubs have cooperated since 26 March 1997. The club joined the second division of the J. League in 1999, and became the champion of the division. But in the next season, it sank to the bottom of division one, and was relegated. In 2004, they were champions of J2 and won promotion to J1 for the second time. With the former rival city clubs out of the way due to relocation or liquidation, Frontale began building its power base in the city.

Kawasaki has advanced steadily, and provides players for the Japan national football team. At first, defender Yoshinobu Minowa was selected in 2005. After the 2006 FIFA World Cup, midfielder Kengo Nakamura and forward Kazuki Ganaha became new internationals, especially Kengo Nakamura found his position, and played both in his club and national team till now. Then goalkeeper Eiji Kawashima debuted in East Asian Cup 2008, but he allowed one goal for his J. League teammate, Chong Tese, who plays in the Korea DPR national football team. In May, Shuhei Terada was also selected for the Japan national team.

Club trophies and titles:
J1 League: 1 Title
J2 League: 1 Title

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