Birmingham City PES Kits 2018/19

Birmingham City PES Kits 2018/19
Birmingham City PES kits season 18/19

size: 2048x2048
type: PNG alpha
platform: PC/PS

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home (league)
away (league)
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about the team:
PES ID: 201
Founded: 1875
Address: St. Andrew's Road, B9 4RL, Birmingham
Country: England
Phone: +44 (844) 557 1875
Stadium: St. Andrew's Stadium (Birmingham)
Capacity: 30009

badge and colors history:
The Small Heath Alliance members decided among themselves that their colors would be blue; in the early days, they wore whatever blue shirt they had. Their first uniform kit was a dark blue shirt with a white sash and white shorts. Several variations on a blue theme were tried; the one that stuck was the royal blue shirt with a white "V", adopted during the First World War and retained until the late 1920s. Though the design changed, the royal blue remained. In 1971 they adopted the "penguin" strip – royal blue with a broad white central front panel – which lasted five years. Since then they have generally worn plain, nominally royal blue shirts, though the actual shade used has varied. Shorts have been either blue or white, and socks usually blue, white or a combination. White, yellow, red and black, on their own or in combination, have been the most frequently used colors for the away kit.

There have been aberrations. The 1992 kit, sponsored by Triton Showers, was made of a blue material covered with multicolored splashes which resembled a shower curtain. Birmingham have only worn stripes on their home shirt once; in 1999 they wore a blue shirt with a front central panel in narrow blue and white stripes, a design similar to the Tesco supermarket carrier bag of the time.

When the club changed their name from Small Heath to Birmingham in 1905 they adopted the city's coat of arms as their crest, although this was not always worn on the shirts. The 1970s "penguin" shirt carried the letters "BCFC" intertwined at the center of the chest. The Sports Argus newspaper ran a competition in 1972 to design a new badge for the club. The winning entry, a line-drawn globe and ball, with ribbon carrying the club name and date of foundation, in plain blue and white, was adopted by the club but not worn on playing shirts until 1976. An experiment was made in the early 1990s with coloring in the globe and ball, but the club soon reverted to the plain version.

For the 2018–19 season, the home kit consists of a blue shirt with white trim on the shoulders and upper chest and white stripes down the side seams, white shorts with blue trim and blue stripes down the side seams, and blue socks with white trim at the turnover. The away kit has a yellow shirt with three blue stripes on the shoulders, blue shorts with yellow stripes down the side seams, and yellow socks with blue trim. The kits are supplied by Adidas and bear the logo of the club's principal sponsor, online bookmaker 888sport.

Football League One: 1 Title
Football League Championship: 4 Titles
League Cup: 2 Titles
Football League Cup: 2 Titles
Football League Trophy: 2 Titles

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