Leicester City PES Kits 2018/19

Leicester City PES Kits 2018/19
Leicester City PES kits season 18/19

size: 2048x2048
type: PNG alpha
platform: PC/PS

goalkeeper (league-CL)
home (league-CL)
away (league-CL)
third (league-CL)

about the team:
PES ID: 204
Founded: 1884
Website: www.lcfc.com
Address: Filbert Way, LE2 7FL, Leicester
Country: England
Phone: +44 (870) 040 6000
Stadium: King Power Stadium (Leicester, Leicestershire)
Capacity: 32262

about the colors:
The club's home colors of royal blue shirts, white shorts, and either white or royal blue socks have been used for the team's kits throughout most of its history. The first sponsorship logo to appear on a Leicester shirt was that of Ind Coope in 1983. British snack food manufacturer Walkers Crisps held a long association with the club, sponsoring them from 1987 to 2001.

Leicester City's badge for the 2009–10 season to commemorate 125 years as a football club.
The club have three main nicknames – The Foxes, The Blues and City. "The Foxes" is the most common nickname for the club, whereas "The Blues" and "City" are more local terms, usually used by supporters. Other names include "The Filberts" and "The Fossils". An image of a fox was first incorporated into the club crest in 1948, as Leicestershire is known for foxes and fox hunting. This is the origin of the nickname "The Foxes".

The club mascot is a character called "Filbert Fox". There are also secondary characters "Vickie Vixen" and "Cousin Dennis." Since 1992, the club's badge has featured a fox's head overlaid onto a Cinquefoil; the Cinquefoil is similar to the one used on the coat of arms of Leicester. Prior to 1992, the club's badge had a range of designs. In the 2009–10 season, the club's 125th anniversary year, the home kit featured no sponsor and a new central crest with "125 Years" written beneath it.

In 1941, the club adopted the playing of the Post Horn Galop prior to home matches. It was played over the PA system as the teams came out of the tunnel at all home games. The club since replaced it with a modern version, which is now played as teams emerge for the second half. For the first half, the post horn has been played live on pitch by Paul Hing since 2009. "Foxes Never Quit" is the club's motto, which is placed above the tunnel entrance as the teams head out onto the pitch.

On 8 July 2016, the club launched their new third away kit for the 2016–17 Premier League season. It featured in their 2016–17 UEFA Champions League campaign, and was also in use for Leicester's debut match in the competition. The design took inspiration from the 1983–84 kit, boasting a clean white design with thin blue pinstripes on the shirt and a textured form stripe design across both the shirt and shorts.

Premier League: 1 Title
Football League Championship: 8 Titles
Football League One: 1 Title
League Cup: 3 Titles
Football League Cup: 3 Titles
FA Community Shield: 1 Title

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