Pau FC PES Kits 2020/21

Pau FC PES Kits
Pau FC PES kits season 20/21

size: 2048x2048
type: PNG alpha
platform: PC/PS

goalkeeper (league)
home (league)
away (league)
third (league)

about the team:
PES name: ...
PES ID: ...
Founded: 1920
Address: Boulevard de l'Aviation, 64000, Pau
Country: France
Phone: +33 (559) 802 222
Stadium: Stade du Hameau
Capacity: 2000

Football has always had the status of the third sport in Pau, behind basketball and especially Rugby union. Nowadays, the popularity of both Pau's Basketball and Rugby union's clubs - Section Paloise & Élan Béarnais Pau-Lacq-Orthez respectively - remain greater than that of Pau FC.

Historically and culturally, rugby was probably closer to the values of the place (Gascony), replacing the Bearnese & Basque rural sports - or even the La soule - in the hearts of the people of Bearn and Gascony.

Moreover, the antagonism between secular patronage, widely represented in the South-West and Catholic patronage which were the driving forces leading to the adoption of English sports, certainly contributed to favoring the practice of rugby, a sport that was despised by the Catholic Church, due to the frequent contacts between players, focusing instead on football or basketball. Catholics, through the action of the Gymnastics and Sports Federation of the Patronage of France (FGSPF), made football their flagship sport, rugby being considered too elitist.

After 1905, in opposition, the regions' republicans and anticlerical rank behind the oval ball. Rugby thus represented perhaps some form of resistance to the Church and to the "French spirit" in a long independent land, retaining a strong sense of regional identity and pride, in which the republican tradition is strongly implanted.

Thus, despite the very strong British and English historical presence in Pau, especially during the Belle Epoque, since the troops of General Wellington remained posted in Pau after his defeat at the Battle of Orthez (1814), football arrived relatively late compared to other French regions.

When the 2019–20 Championnat National season was prematurely ended due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Pau was top of the table and was declared promoted to Ligue 2 by the FFF executive committee

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